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Advanced and Expert Riders Love The Rancho

There’s nothing like open-range riding; and there’s nowhere better in the world to experience it than at Rancho Las Cascadas. While riders of all ability levels enjoy the freedom of no fences, it’s the advanced rider who understands just how special riding at the Rancho can be.

It starts with the horses. With a herd of 38, there’s a horse to suit every personality and preference. Each is a well-trained and in exceptional physical condition. Even by Mexican standards, the horses at the Rancho are elite. Everyone in the area recognizes them and comments on their athleticism.

After choosing a horse, it’s time to choose a ride. Advanced riders are thrilled with the fact they can ride all day, every day if they desire. It may seem crazy to some, but eight hours on the back of horse is pure heaven to others.

There are thousands of acres available on which to ride. In Mexico, even on private land there always public thoroughfares, making it easy to travel different routes every day. Many return visitors are amazed at the fact that can ride all day every day and never take the exact same path twice. And those who want to take advantage of the progressive rides are able to go even further from the Rancho. They can stable their horses for the night in distant locations while a car delivers them back to the Rancho for an evening of fine food, relaxing massages and comfortable beds.

The wranglers are always looking out for the safety of the guests and the horses, so they won’t do anything to cause harm. However, if you can ride well and speed is your thing, the Rancho will not disappoint. The wide-open spaces are perfect for long, slow canters and all-out gallops.

“I’ve had the most amazing rides of my life at the Rancho,” said Maureen, a regular guest. “From a day filled with fifteen-minute easy canters to an afternoon of breakneck speed, there’s always a new thrill.”

To learn more about riding at the Rancho and to make a reservation, contact them today.



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