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Great Horses & Unparalleled
Open-Range Horseback Riding

We cater to all Levels of Riding Experience and Confidence

We warmly invite you to visit our all-inclusive guest ranch in the heart of Mexico for some of the most incredible horseback riding in the world.

The horses and riding at Rancho Las Cascadas are unsurpassed. There are no fences, no gates, no limits - just panoramic vistas, endless space and a wide variety of terrain!

Whether this is your first time riding a horse, or you are an advanced rider, you will appreciate our athletic herd, beautiful trails and professional wranglers.


Their enormous stamina makes them extremely suitable for long distance riding through rough countryside.


They adapt well to different situations, are calm and reliable – perfect mounts for exploring the Mexican highlands.

Rancho Las Cascadas BONDING W HORSES  41_edited.png

Extremely sure footed and agile. They have a calm, gentle demeanor & steady temperament. 


Because they are quick learners, it is easy to train them and they need very little guidance from their riders once they understand their job.


For the more experienced rider, the Azteca can be a dream come true, especially if you want a breed that is as versatile as hardy

The Azteca horse was bred for ranch work and to compete in traditional Charreadas Mexican-style rodeo..

Over 30
Guided Trails

You haven’t been horseback riding until you’ve been horseback riding in Mexico! Rancho Las Cascadas is surrounded by mountains, forests, flat grasslands, and lakes. It’s a magnificent place to explore on horseback at any pace.

Our horseback riding guests may choose from over 30 guided trails. So every day our staff checks in to see what you’re in the mood for.


You can ride anywhere from one to six hours and choose a different horse and trail every day if you’d like.


If you prefer more structure on your horseback riding vacation, our guest experience managers can customize an itinerary suited to your riding ability and preferences.

Professional Wranglers

Our wranglers are here to encourage, support and guide you on your rides. They are happy to give you tips on improving your experience and will inspire you to reach new horizons.

Contact us today and we’ll help you plan an amazing all-inclusive horseback riding vacation!

Ready to go Horseback Riding? 

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