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Great Horses & Unparalleled
Open-Range Horseback Riding

We cater to all Levels of Riding Experience and Confidence

Over 30 Guided Trails

Rancho Las Cascadas is surrounded by mountains, forests, flat grasslands, and lakes. It’s a magnificent place to explore on horseback at any pace. The horses and riding at Rancho Las Cascadas are unsurpassed. There are no fences, no gates, no limits - just panoramic vistas, endless space and a wide variety of terrain!

Horseback riding guests can discover over 30 guided trails. 


You can ride anywhere from one to six hours (depending on your choice of package)

Following some samples of Days at Rancho Las Cascadas

Daily our Guest Experience Manager will customize an itinerary suited to your riding ability and booked packages.

Arrival Day

  • Pick Up at the place and time you booked with your reservation

  • Meet and greet the other riders

  • Settle into your beautiful room furnished with fine examples of Mexican artisanal craftsmanship.

  • Welcome Dinner family style

  • Enjoy a drink (remember it is all inclusive) and play a game of pool or darts


Relaxed Riding Day

  • Nourish yourself with an array of freshly cooked breakfast options.

  • Meet our stunning Criollo, Azteca and Quarter-horse herd and receive an informative induction into the Mexican riding style.

  • Ease into your holiday with a confidence-giving introductory ride across our rolling hillsides.

  • Enjoy a fantastic home-cooked lunch, served under the gentle shade of our Oak, before unwinding with a book on our stepped terrace overlooking our very own waterfall!

  • Decide to stay and relax or join us for your afternoon ride

  • Relish a multi-course dinner and swap stories with fellow guests.


Relaxed Riding Day

  • Following a refreshing night’s sleep, and an energizing breakfast, you’ll be ready for a longer morning ride.

  • Saddle up for a journey to our idyllic local cascades, where you can tie up your horse, and hike down to the waterfall’s base.

  • After lunch, let’s ride to our local lakes, home to a variety of bird species, returning through a local village where you can admire the faded grandeur of 'Haciendas' from bygone eras.

  • For ultimate post-ride relaxation, soak in our fabulous out-door jacuzzi and gaze across our unspoiled landscape.

  • Enjoy an entirely new dinner menu before floating into a blissful slumber in your luxuriously comfortable bed.


Active Riding Day

  • Fuel up well at breakfast, because today we embark on a full day’s ride, a fascinating natural rock formation of intriguing religious significance.

  • We’ll stop en route for snacks, drinks, and lunch – supporting our local communities and giving you a real taste of rural Mexico.

  • On your return to the Rancho, why not pamper yourself with a massage or spa treatment*** or celebrate your first full-day adventure with a triumphant Pina Colada!

  • Connect with new-found friends over a sumptuous dinner and round off the evening’s entertainment with a game of pool or darts.


Sample Day

  • For a wholesome and healthy start to the day, join us in our purpose-built studio for an early-morning Yoga session before breakfast***

  • If you’re ready to unleash your inner cowboy/girl, then let’s push the pace with a thrilling gallop across the highlands!

  • Or mix things up with one of our expertly selected ½ day excursions ***

  • After lunch, take a refreshing swim in our infinity pool before joining our afternoon ride. With over 30 routes to choose from, let us know what you’d like to explore!

  • If you’re feeling inspired after another delicious dinner, then why not book a cookery class with us and learn some authentic Mexican recipes?**


Sample Day

  • Enjoy a hearty breakfast in preparation for today’s all-day ride.

  • With scenery straight from a Wild West movie, trail is a truly breath-taking experience. After lunch at a local 'Fonda' canter through remote winding canyons lined with towering cacti, home only to wild horses, soaring eagles and the mysterious stones that give this ride its name.

  • Thank your steed for a hard day’s work with a soothing grooming session.

  • Join another fabulous 4-course dinner, a fusion of Mexican and international cuisine .


Sample Day

  • After a rich Mexican breakfast, overlooking our infinity pool and the breathtaking countryside, you will discover the surroundings from horseback...

  • Today’s ride takes you along a picturesque canyon to a local village. You will be amazed by the sure-footedness of your four-legged friend, as well as enjoying some easy canters between the corn fields.

  • Back to the Rancho for lunch served under the 'Tree of Hearts'

  • You choose what you would like to do... Our ride in the afternoon will take you on a stroll to another Antigua Hacienda (Ancient Country Estate) which was built around 1690 by the Spaniards. Or maybe just relax in our jacuzzi, hike to the waterfall or read a book!

  • Savor every moment of your last evening with some after-dinner dancing – enlivened by our stereo-system and a few tequilas from our open bar!


Departure Day

  • Pack your bags after a last delicious breakfast

  • Transportation to your airport at booked time

  • Hasta la Vista - looking forward to see you again very soon!



* We reserve the right to change itinerary and ride lengths at any time based on weather, availability and rider experience


** Whilst we try to accommodate preferences, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular horse at a given time.


*** Book your excursion in advance with our GEM


Their enormous stamina makes them extremely suitable for long distance riding through rough countryside.


They adapt well to different situations, are calm and reliable – perfect mounts for exploring the Mexican highlands.

Rancho Las Cascadas BONDING W HORSES  41_edited.png

Extremely sure footed and agile. They have a calm, gentle demeanor & steady temperament. 


Because they are quick learners, it is easy to train them and they need very little guidance from their riders once they understand their job.


For the more experienced rider, the Azteca can be a dream come true, especially if you want a breed that is as versatile as hardy

The Azteca horse was bred for ranch work and to compete in traditional Charreadas Mexican-style rodeo..

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