“No Hour of Life is Wasted, that is Spent in the Saddle”

Ride our Incredible Horses and Feel Right at Home

We warmly invite you to join our guests from all around the world who have chosen our unique place in the heart of Mexico for an All-Inclusive Vacation of a lifetime.

Your stay, apart from incredible horseback riding, includes open bar (national drinks), fantastic meals and many wellness activities!


The riding and the horses are unsurpassed and the scenery is out of this world, no fences, no gates, no limits, just panoramic vistas, endless space and a wide variety of terrain!

“In Riding a Horse we Borrow Freedom”

Experience Unparalleled Open-Range Riding

Join us in rural Mexico’s open-sky countryside, with its villages unchanged by time...


On our calm and trust-worthy horses, beginner and novice riders will bypass farmers plowing with oxen, free-grazing cattle, goats and sheep. See egrets and ducks roosting on tranquil lakes as the horses splash along the water's edge and cross flowing rivers with tumbling waterfalls.


Confident and willing riders will not be disappointed with our horses and the amount of freedom to canter and gallop while at Rancho Las Cascadas. Unlike many other dude ranches, the surrounding land here is perfect for those who love a fast pace and we have a great selection of willing four-legged friends to team up with for your adventure.

“Believe You Can and You're Halfway There”

Arrive As A Novice Or Expert – Leave With Enhanced Knowledge

Whether you have never mounted a horse before or ride regularly, at Rancho Las Cascadas we welcome riders of all levels.


Our wranglers are here to encourage, support and guide you on your rides. They are happy to give you tips on improving your experience and will inspire you to reach new horizons.


We will assess your skills and organize small groups accordingly (maximum 8 riders per guide).

"Our Believes Make Us Who We Are"

Unforgettable Impressions That Will Last A Lifetime

We have teamed up with a great selection of willing four-legged friends and are proud of the progress our guests make in their time at Rancho Las Cascadas.


Our horses love to work with you and put all their soul into it. Hence we are very well aware that horses are no machines. Each one is loved by us and our guests for their individuality. Each ride should be an enjoyment for everyone… horse & rider - considering and respecting the limitation of both.

Mexican Hospitality combined with Swiss Management will guarantee you a well-organized and amazing stay and to be able to enjoy 333 days of sunshine a year and year-round midday temperatures around 75F/22C, sure helps a lot.

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