'Personalized Itinerary' - Choose Length of Your Stay

This is the most flexible Horseback Riding Vacation. Add on extra days to the Riding Package of your choice or arrange the length of stay completely up to your taste.

The most popular way to experience our horseback riding! Enjoy a different ride of the more than 20 different routes and regions every day here at the Rancho. Take in different sights and achieve many personal challenges.

Length of rides and levels are decided new every day with the rancho staff. We consider your riding expertise, daily improvements and fitness.

You will have the opportunity to choose from morning rides and/or afternoon rides or full day rides.

We take a great deal of pride to ensure that whatever length your stay is, your experience leaves you with unforgettable memories. We organize our rides to be varied and to provide an insight into the local area, giving you a flavor of the different terrain and landscapes of this beautiful part of Mexico.

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