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Wellness - Hikes - Mountain Bikes - Spa Treatments
Excursions - Cooking Classes - Mixology Lessons

There is something for everyone to enjoy here at the rancho.

Indulge your passions – and discover new ones too!

All Activities are planned on-site with you during your stay.

Wellness Resort SPA  19.jpg

Get pampered with one of our special spa treatments including a variety of massages, facials, manicure etc.


Take a Yoga class or Temezcal (Mexican Sauna/Steam-room).

Dude Ranch RLC Trips TULA  6.JPG

Discover Culture, History, Shopping, Arts & Crafts, Leather goods.
We offer a variety of trips that you can book during your stay.


Mixology &
Cooking classes

Learn about Mexican cuisine in our kitchen and Cocktail mixing in the bar. 

Come together with other guests and enjoy preparing new recipes or drinks.

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