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Wellness - Hikes - Mountain Bikes - Spa Treatments
Unlimited Horseback Riding - Excursions - Cooking Classes - Mixology Lessons

Prepare to be pampered during your stay. As a Non Rider you can get some . At our guest ranch you can indulge in your passion – and find a new one, too!

All Activities will planned on-site with you during your stay. Our Guest Expierience Manager (GEM) will be helping to get all of you together into a nice schedule


Most people come for the horse-riding but  there are lots more activities available.
Included for our non-riders are all these activities and also a free local excursion or spa treatment.

Wellness Resort SPA  19.jpg

Get pampered with one of our special spa treatments including a variety of massages, facials, manicure etc.


Enhance your well-being with a Yoga class or Temezcal (Mexican Sauna/Steam-room).

More Info...

Dude Ranch RLC Trips TULA  6.JPG

Discover Culture, History, Shopping,Arts & Crafts, Leather goods.
We offer a variety of trips that you can book during your stay or enjoy as a non-rider.


Mixology &
Cooking classes

Learn about Mexican cuisine in our kitchen and Cocktail mixing in the bar. 

Come together with other guests and enjoy preparing new recipes or drinks.

Contact us  today to book your room, schedule transfers and plan additional activities.


We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your requests and design the most amazing equestrian holiday ever!

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