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Amenities / Dining

Infinity Pool - Hot Tub - Water Falls - Koi Pond - Cactus Gardens - Pool Terrace
Lounge - Bar & Billard - Meeting & Wellness Studio - Coffee Corner - Dining Room
Breakfast Terrace - Tree of Hearts Lunch Area

Apart from the horseback riding and activities your Guest Ranch Package includes great amenities for you to explore and enjoy during your stay.

In terms of dining, you will be excited by the fresh flavors of our kitchen. We cater to all dietary requirements and provide 3 meals and afternoon tea/coffee.

Rancho Las Cascadas INT DINING ROOM_edited.jpg

Our dining room is designed to create an ambience where conversations flourish while savouring new tastes.


These are moments to share stories and adventures with the other guests, We can organize private, intimate dinners too

Rancho 5.jpg

 We serve home-cooked food using fresh local ingredients and with the intention of giving our guests a flavor of Mexican cuisine. 
If special diets are needed, just let us know, our kitchen staff have experience in catering for all.



Our Trea of Hearts is the

favorite spot for lunch at the ranch with a view of the waterfalls.


If you are on an all-day ride, you won’t be disappointed with a sumptuous picnic en route.

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