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Upgrade to more extended Rides for Advanced and Expert Riders

This upgrade to extended rides you may add to any stay at the Rancho of 5 days or more...

During 3 days of your stay extended riding will be added. For advanced and expert riders with good condition only.

Note: Two riders (minimum) must be scheduled for this ride in order to proceed. Please contact us for rate details.

Day 01: San Miguel de la Victoria - Canalejas - Cathedral de Canalejas

The journey today starts in the extinct volcanic landscape of the region. After a little stop for a drink and a snack in San Miguel de la Victoria, the landscape changes as the trails lead into the green forests of Canalejas. These mixed deciduous and coniferous woodlands have delightful tracks for cantering along.

Lunch is taken in the town of Canalejas. Here the barbecue restaurants offer tacos filled to the brim with succulent meat. Suitably tasty vegetarian options can also be arranged. After lunch and a leg-stretching walk around the small town, the trail rises to the Cathedral of Canalejas. This church, set atop a hill, dominates the local view. It was built on the spot where an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe was found in a rock, which now forms part of the altar.

The ride from the cathedral meanders back through the small surrounding villages of Canalejas to the overnight stables for the horses. Here you are met by the ranch staff and driven back to the ranch for a well-earned swim and relaxing hot soak before dinner.

Day 02: Canalejas - Lago de Huapango - Agua Escondida

The first part of the ride follows forest trails and crosses hill slope fields; but the real treat of the day is to be found in the wide, flat, well-irrigated lowlands of the lake of Huapango (aprox. 10.000 acres when full), famous for its fishing.

This day's riding takes you to a wide open landscape of low impact agriculture and common rangeland. A paradise for any rider, as there are endless trails to canter and gallop.

Enjoy a picnic on the shores of lake, relax, and prepare for the two hour ride through the small villages and woods to the 'Agua Escondida', where the horses are left stabled overnight. Transportation brings you back to the ranch (aprox. 30 min) where another mouthwatering dinner awaits.

Day 03: Agua Escondida - San Francisco Soyaniquilpan - El Fresno

Today you are heading south out of the hilly country and woodland trails to San Francisco / Soyaniquilpan. The farm land here is flat, rich, well irrigated and fertile. Taking trails to the west of the 'Cerro de las Brujas' (the witch’s mountain) the paths divide up the large fields. In the village of El Fresno Village the horses can be rested at the local shop and then the trail continues down the cobbled streets past the ruins of the hacienda and into a canyon.

This delightful valley leads to a river lined with old cedar trees. Just before reaching the clearing and popular picnic site, the trail takes a small detour up to a small shrine to the Virgin of Guadalupe at the summit. The best waterfalls in the region are hidden just behind the cedar trees and well worth a visit.



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