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Center Based Rides - How Cool are they?

Why it is great to do center based progressive rides from Rancho Las Cascadas

First… the terrain/landscape is different in each direction starting right at the ranch.



For the horses

Horses are herd animals. Each one has a partner or belongs to a little group of horses except the one or other loner.

  • ·       Stress free as they sleep in the surroundings they are used to

  • ·       Same routine everyday (food, water, wranglers)

  • ·       If changes are needed, there is no stress in getting on and off a truck.

It is a joy to watch their ears perk up when they see their fellow pals or letting out a little whinny to let their friends know they are home!

For the Rider

  • ·       Different riding levels allow for the most comfortable riding experience

  • ·       Ability to change horses on short term

  • ·       Allows for more extensive riding (allowing us to refresh horses)

  • ·       Riders can swap between different riding levels

  • ·       People unable to judge their riding can switch riding levels

  • We will adapt to fiestas, and special events

  • ·       People not riding for long can start easy and progress through levels



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