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The Azteca – the original Charro Horse of Mexico.

For those of you looking for a taste of Mexican equitation at its finest, we recommend the thrilling ‘Azteca’ – a horse bred purely for Charros: traditional Mexican Horsemen.

The Charros’ occupation required a horse suited to their exact needs. A horse epitomising sheer athleticism through freedom of movement, speed and agility.

The famed Charro showmanship also meant they demanded spirit, beauty and natural collection from their steeds, whilst the nature of their work required great stamina and unshakeable sure-footedness in harsh conditions. Aside from this demanding combination of attributes, the ideal horse would be courageous, loyal, kind-hearted, a fast learner and have that all important ‘cow sense’. In 1972, this distinctive horse was born, and now carries the proud title of National Horse of Mexico.

Today the Azteca is subject to a strictly controlled breed standard, allowing only a 75% maximum from the three foundation breeds: the Andalusian, Quarter Horse, and Mexican Criollo.

Here at the Rancho we are proud to offer you the chance to ride this archetypal Charro horse with our two unregistered boys Tango and Azteca (named after the breed itself). Why not come visit us and experience the Mexican Cowboy’s perfect companion for yourself!



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