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Who's New at the Rancho?

At Rancho Las Cascadas, we pride ourselves on offering a world-class trail riding experience. Our Criollo, Azteca and Quarter Horses have been carefully selected and thoroughly trained to be nothing less than perfect trekking companions for our guests.

Our herd is the Rancho’s heart and soul, so nothing gets us more excited than welcoming new additions to our equine family.

Considering he’s only 7 years old, Azteca the blue roan is wonderfully level-headed and controllable. He may be a stallion, but you wouldn’t know it! If relaxed, yet responsive sounds perfect to you, then our chilled-out boy might be just the steed you’ve been looking for!

Just like the dance he’s named after, Tango is a ball of fire, energy and passion. At just 5 years old, he’s fresh, young and fast, offering an exhilarating experience for advanced riders seeking a thrilling gallop across the Mexican Highlands. Even though Azteca and Tango are such different personalities, they arrived together and have remained best friends ever since. See our Horses in Action...

Whilst we love the adventure of trying out new horses, we always adore our old favourites. Here are two of our longest-standing residents, cherished by so many of our guests

One of our younger horses, our beautiful strawberry roan Navajo is a truly talented trail riding horse. Perfect for almost any rider – he’s the gem every Rancho wishes they could own. Extremely comfortable, with a calm nature and sweet disposition – he’ll take care of a new or nervous rider. But if he senses you’re up for a real adventure, then you can rely on him for an incredible turn of speed. In fact, rumour has it some of our wranglers reckon he’s the fastest horse in the herd…

With his repertoire of musically appreciative sounds when in the vicinity of any female, whether horse, cow or donkey, our comical stallion Gigolo has truly earned his name. His smooth gait makes him a popular choice for an all-day ride, and however noisy his attempts to charm the local ladies, a rider can always trust him to behave like the perfect gentleman.



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