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About the Owner - A Dream Come True?

To own a place like Rancho Las Cascadas was a lifelong dream of Uschi Wiprächtiger. It did not stay a dream – it became reality. At 43 years of age she began to build it on her own.

Most of it happened thanks to the Law of Attraction. This was something she did not know about in the past but which repeated itself over and over again. And then one day, having read more about it, she realized that everything that she had experienced was based upon it.

But let her tell in her own words…

I was born and raised in Switzerland. My parents were the greatest, but money was not superfluous and horseback riding was very expensive. As it happens I read the black stallion and other books about horses and was hooked. I tried to do everything to be around them in my younger years, mucking stables, cleaning horses etc. in exchange for the occasional ride.

My dream was to become a veterinarian. But it was decided that a commercial apprenticeship in a bank was the right thing to do. When I started to work I saved all my money to book lessons at the local riding stables. Little by little I had to give up on my dream as other things began to take priority.

Extended travels and work in tourism took me to many places around the world. Most of it did not have anything to do with horses, except the occasional excursion here and there.

Finally I ended up working for a travel agent in Mexico and got to know this beautiful country and its wonderful and lovely people.

Then a lot of things started to happen and one thing led to another. Not all of them seemed a good thing to happen at the time, but …

As my parents always told me, if one door closes another one opens. And, actually, many times in my life I have wondered why this or that bad moment had to happen. Interestingly, I can assure you, one day you will know why these things have happened, although it may take years to have the insight.

I lost a job at the coast of Mexico and found one in Mexico City. An interesting place, but not a nice place to live in if you love nature. So after some time I looked for a place far away from the city for a weekend house and… found paradise.

A great piece of land beside three waterfalls, with no running water (except the falls), no electricity and no possibility to put it in my name at that time. But I bought it anyway and started building on it. Only five years later I got the Mexican Citizenship and another year later I was finally able to sign for and own the land. One has to take risks and have faith in one’s ideas in order to have one’s dreams fulfilled 😉

When I started the construction about 20 years ago, I always loved the style of Spanish houses where you have a big patio/courtyard (open garden) in the middle of the building. So it became too big for just myself.

At the same time I took up on the riding again and discovered, that the surroundings offered endless open range riding in an epic and diverse countryside. Inspired by this I decided to offer my place to guests around the world to share this incredible experience and since then many, many guests have enjoyed the Rancho to its fullest.

So there is no limit to what you can do and no age-barrier when to start it!



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