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What Happens when we retire our horses?

Here at Rancho Las Cascadas, we love offering our clients an opportunity to prioritise their health and well-being. What better medicine for the soul than eating delicious home-cooked food, relaxing by the pool in our ‘eternal Spring’ climate, and enjoying the restorative powers of the natural world? Our horses are central to this ethos and are the heart and soul of the Rancho Las Cascadas family. That family spirit doesn’t cease when our horses get too old or frail to stay in our working herd.

Many of our staff cherish close bonds with our horses and have personal favourites they are keen to re-home when the time comes. At the moment twelve of our older horses are now proudly retired out to current and past members of staff, living out their lives peacefully as much-loved pets.

Some of our horses are still fit enough to enjoy a really purposeful life with their new owners. Some of you may remember the sprightly Cheyenne, now owned by our lovely Juanita, who rides him to work at the Rancho where he spends the day happily grazing till she’s ready to return home. Cheyenne even carries Juanita’s son to school on occasion – what an idyllic mode of travel!

Some of our sweetest natured horses became true experts in giving confidence to our younger guests over the years, so it was our great pleasure to see four of our ‘angels on hooves’ retired out to a disabled childrens’ Equine Therapy Centre in the neighbouring town of Tula, where they continue their wonderful legacy.

If you’d like to support a business with ethics and stewardship at its core and enjoy your holiday with true peace of mind, then why not book a Rancho Las Cascadas holiday today?



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