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Most incredible landscapes to explore around Rancho Las Cascadas

Our aim is to offer a unique Mexican riding experience where our landscape and local community are accessible to our horse riding guests.

Following an impression about the landscape from one of our most frequent guests view:

Sunset at the Rancho

"The extinct volcanic geology of the region has created a landscape crisscrossed with ancient lava flows. These have partially eroded over millennia and evolved into a rich landscape of micro-environments, creating habitats such as: low undulating hills, volcanic outcrops, narrow stream valleys, dry seasonal common pasture, ancient barren lava fields, seasonally lush shallow lake shores, high hill climbs with over  looking views, dry plains, rich seasonally irrigated maize, wheat, oat, bean, squash, and sunflower fields.
The low intensity of the farming means that wild saguaro and nopal cacti, agaves, and thorn bush predominate on the common grazing land. The green season (June – October) produces a colorful riot of wild flowers. The flat fields and quiet unpaved roads offer excellent gallops for confident riders, one of the great thrills on offer!
The low intensity agriculture is limited by the high plain’s rainfall, thus the ranch is surrounded by a patchwork of small farms who practice mixed farming and who maintain small villages with local shops, schools, health care centers etc. all interlinked by small roads and a myriad of  trails. Local cowboys and farmers use these same trails to tend to their farm plots and small herds, some even still use the paired horse or oxen drawn plough to till their land!
The riding experience, in this almost unfenced landscape, is one of riding within the space of a series of communities rather than “riding out” on an artificially constructed linear journey. The trails around the ranch offer the most diverse and entertaining riding to be had in this region.
At the risk of sounding pretentious and according to the season, the landscape compares favorably to: Constable's “The Haywain”, Van Gogh's “The Cornfield ” and the scenery of Sergio Leone's “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, crowd pleasers every one of them!"

Robert I. Kennedy

Endurance Rider & Frequent Guest

London, UK



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