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Horse Riding In Mexico by 'Hooves Around the World'

Trail rides on Criollo horses through the Mexican highlands

The rides, horses and scenery are absolutely fantastic. With over 30 unique trails going out from the ranch, you’ll have different views and landscapes every day. The horses are incredibly well trained and the guides are so much fun to ride with and such talented horse men!

The horses at the ranch

During my 8 day stay at the ranch, I had the pleasure of riding appy gelding Capricho almost every day, and I rode chestnut stallion Gigolo for one of the day rides to give Capricho a rest. All the horses at the ranch are very well trained and a pleasure to ride, but on day one I immediately clicked with Capricho and therefore stayed with him the whole week!

The guides and staff really help you find your perfect horse. On day one, they will choose a horse for you based on the riding experience you have. By the way, they have horses for every type of rider! From nervous to confident and from thrill seeker to never having trotted before. If you don’t really match with your horse on day one or would just like to try another one, you can switch as many times as you’d like to find your very own Spirit!

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