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FAQ's - When Planning your Trip To Rancho Las Cascadas

Never been to the Rancho before?  Well here are a few things you might want to know when planning and packing for your trip.

Also, browse our website for information about the day trips and amenities we offer. If you still have questions, contact us and we’ll do our best to help.


All year round at midday we have a temperature of approx. 22º Centigrade / 75º Fahrenheit. In the mornings and in the evenings it is a bit cool, so we recommend you pack some long sleeved shirts or sweaters to take on the rides. Don’t be afraid to bring a bit of everything to ensure your comfort. Don´t forget your swimming things, if you would like to use the hot tub, swimming pool, or swim with the horses (depending on the weather).

The sun at 7500 feet/2300 meters is very strong. We strongly recommend wearing sun cream every day with a high protection factor. The Rancho is fumigated against mosquitoes and there are normally not many around.

For riding, we recommend jeans and short boots. Trainers/sneakers are not really suitable for riding as you may not be comfortable and get stuck in the stirrups. If you would like, you can buy short leather boots in the markets around here for about US$ 25 to US$ 35 depending on the size.

We do not provide riding hats. If you want to use one you will have to bring one along. Most people here use only simple sombreros against the sun (you may also get them at the market) as it can be really hot beneath the black helmets… but this is your decision. You can also buy sombreros which function as riding hats for around US$ 15.

Towels, hairdryer, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, soap and bathrobes are provided in each room.

The electricity voltage is 110 V, the same as the USA.

Tourist Visa

You do not need a special tourist visa to visit the Rancho. During your flight, the airline will give you a form to complete. Where it says “Main Destination in Mexico”, enter: Rancho Las Cascadas, San Agustin Buenavista. At passport control, the form will be stamped and it will be valid for up to 90 – 180 days. Keep this paper for your departure. Don’t lose it because there is quite a high fee for a replacement!


Once you have your luggage you will need to pass through customs. At customs you will be told to push a button. If you a green light appears, walk right through. If the light is red, your luggage will be checked by a customs agent. It is purely random process.

Money Exchange

The Rancho is situated in a rural, non-tourist area and so Euros and US Dollars are not accepted. Please ensure that you bring Mexican Pesos or exchange your money into Mexican Pesos at the airport in Mexico City upon arrival. There is no problem changing back anything that you don’t spend when you go back to the airport. We are able to exchange US Dollars and Euros at the Rancho, however, please note, the rates at the airport are more favorable.

Here at the Rancho we accept Mexican Pesos, or US$ (in cash) for purchases of things like drinks (espressos or specialty coffees), massages, souvenirs, art works and/or trips. It is also possible to pay by credit card (no American Express though). Please tell your credit card institution before you leave home that you will be in Mexico for a certain time, so you will not have problems using it. Traveler’s checks or personal checks are not accepted. Transfers are to be paid in cash to us here at the Rancho.


You will get detailed information about your pick up from the airport about a week before arrival. The drive from the airport to the Rancho takes approx. 90 minutes. During the journey you will be surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery. The last 10 minutes are on small, rough country tracks bordered by cacti and wild flowers.

Late Arrivals

Our transfers can be arranged at any time, day or night. If your arrival at the Rancho is after 8:30 pm the driver who picks you up will bring you straight to your room. There will be a snack waiting for you. We will meet you at breakfast the next morning on the terrace in the main house after 8:00 am.


We at Rancho Las Cascadas are committed to providing the best service and to making sure that your stay meets all your expectations. If you are completely satisfied with your stay you may wish to show this by leaving a tip. As a guideline, here in Mexico it is usual to tip about 10 – 15% of the total of the cost of your vacation/stay. You can add your gratuities to your final bill upon checkout. All the staff working here, both front and back of house, receive a fair share. Personal tipping of individuals is not recommended.



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