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Workation: Benefits of Working During Your Vacation

Having the freedom to work online opens the doors to the world, and if you’ve just figured out how to work remotely, it’s time to explore options for a workation.

What is a workation?

The workation definition is exactly what the word sounds like: work + a vacation.

While working on vacation used to be frowned upon, more and more employees are discovering the benefits of work and vacations being put together. They’ve found that a work vacation can increase productivity while helping you relax on an adventure in paradise. As the world continues to social distance, moving your home office to a sunnier, more exotic location seems like just the thing to do, and here are a few reasons why:

Have Less on Your To-Do List

When you escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life to work remotely, the other chores on your to-do list are often taken care of. When you’re staying at a hotel, you won’t have to worry about grocery shopping or cleaning the house. With all of that taken care of on your work vacation, you’ll be able to focus better on getting work done so that you can enjoy all the adventures and activities in your destination.

Vacation Without Time Off

One of the best reasons to work remotely on vacation is that you won’t have to take time off. While you should run it by your boss, most jobs are flexible, and as long as you continue to work responsibly, you’ll be able to enjoy the relaxation and fun of traveling without having to use up vacation days.

Work in Style

You may be wondering “What is a workation?” because you’ve been envious of the incredible remote work pictures you’ve seen online. When you’re working on vacation instead of in the office, you’ll be able to get comfortable and soak up the view. With the sound of our natural waterfalls, spending the day working on vacation won’t seem that bad.

The benefits of work and vacations being combined include increased productivity and creativity. Without the distractions of coworkers, other to-do lists, or office noises, you’ll be able to focus better during your work hours, and the surrounding beauty of nature may just help spark a few new ideas. By getting out of your comfort zone and exploring the world, you’ll discover inspiration all around you on a work vacation.



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