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Celebrating Life on the 'Day of the Dead'

Join us for this incredible celebration in Mexico. Remember 'Coco' ?

On November 02nd, guests make offerings to their deceased loved ones on an alter decorated in marigolds.

Inspired by a past guest's account, it's a celebration like no other >>>

The Day of the Dead at Rancho Las Cascadas was amazing this year! Guests honored their departed on October 31st with marigold-adorned altars featuring water, salt, and the favorite drinks of loved ones. November 1st saw candles lit to welcome spirits. Over three days, sweet treats and pan de muerto were added. Spirits absorb the offerings' aroma and energy for nourishment. Cool, huh?

Rancho Las Cascadas honored our departed loved ones with a heartfelt six-course meal on November 1st.

On the evening of November 1st, Rancho Las Cascadas hosted a six-course dinner in memory of all our loved ones who have departed. The feast featured chocolate mole with the main course. Mole is a very special traditional Mexican sauce made of chocolate, chilis, almonds, peanuts, and sometimes up to 40 other ingredients! It is sweet and spicy. A real treat if you haven’t ever tried it.

The horses were decorated with marigolds to celebrate

Bright and early on November 2nd, the guests met by the horses to decorate them with marigolds for an all-day cabalgata (ride). Marigolds symbolize death. Their strong fragrance also helps lead the dead back to their altar. The horses looked absolutely gorgeous as they made their way from town to town and cemetery to cemetery. Even the locals pointed at us and took pictures!

The fiesta at the cemetery was a true celebration of life

The day-long ride took guests to Canalejas for lunch, featuring carnitas, and a lively market along the main street leading to a large cemetery and church. The cemetery buzzed with activity—crowds attending a special mass, individuals decorating graves, and fresh flowers everywhere. Some were cleaning and repainting gravestones, while others sat quietly reflecting. It was a festive and truly celebratory atmosphere, honoring life.

Rancho Las Cascadas guests representing the United States, Switzerland, Germany, Holland, and other places, traded stories and came to the conclusion that there really is no other similar celebration anywhere else in the world.



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