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Caballerango Week

3,400 USD per person per week

Experience a special stay at Rancho Las Cascadas. From relaxation upon arrival to exciting cultural and water adventures, each day is filled with unique experiences. Enjoy tours to local markets, rides to majestic haciendas, and themed dinners. End with a farewell bonfire. This plan ensures an unforgettable experience at this all-inclusive hotel.

Day 1: Thursday - Arrival - Disconnection and Relaxation
* 14:00 - Check-in at Rancho Las Cascadas
* 15:00 - You will arrive with a tour with a welcome cocktail to see the facilities. Free time to explore the hotel facilities, relax in the pool or take a walk.
* 19:00 - Enjoy an exquisite dinner  to wrap up your first day of adventures.

Day 2: Friday - Living Mexico and its people
* 08:00  - We'll start the day with a delicious breakfast.
* 9:30 Departure Tour to the Friday Market in Jilotepec. This local market is essential for the region, especially in a non-tourist environment. Here, the community finds artisanal products such as hats and boots, along with a variety of fruits, vegetables and local products. It is a place where authenticity and connection to local roots are palpable, offering a genuine experience of daily life and regional culture.
* 13:00 - A special lunch awaits you that will delight your palate with its unique flavors.
* 15:00 - Free time to continue enjoying the hotel activities.
* 19:00 - We await you with a delicious dinner to satisfy your appetite after a day full of activities.

Day 3: Saturday - Getting to know the surroundings
* 08:00 - Enjoy our exquisite breakfast, prepared with fresh, local ingredients.
* 09:30 - 3-hour ride to the Schooner, In the heart of the region is a majestic hacienda dating back to 1693. This historic place has been a pillar in local economic development, contributing significantly to the economic power of the region along the centuries. With its imposing architecture and rich history, the hacienda is a living testament to the past and a crucial reference point in the cultural fabric of the area.
* 13:00 - We await you with a comforting lunch that will make you feel at home.
* 17:00 - Get ready for a traditional Mexican music event on the quiet shores of the lake. The cheerful sounds of instruments and regional melodies fill the air as people gather around the lake and fish, enjoying cocktails and music.
* 19:00 - Dinner in the hotel dining room.

Day 4: Sunday - Discovering Local Culture
* 08:00 - we invite you to savor a mexican-style breakfast that will delight your palate.
* 09:30 - Cultural excursion to a nearby town or visit to points of historical interest.
* 13:00 - We invite you to indulge in a light and fresh lunch to continue enjoying the day.
* 16:00 - Return to the hotel and free time to rest.
* 19:00 - Mexican Pink Themed Dinner - Imagine a seven-course dinner, a culinary experience that celebrates the vibrant cuisine of Mexico with a special touch. Each dish is a masterpiece that fuses culinary tradition with innovation, offering a unique experience full of flavor and color.

Day 5: Monday - Day to go back in time.
* 08:00 - Indulge in a delicious breakfast to fuel your adventures.
* 09:30 - Departure for the Tour to the Atlantes of Tula, lThe archaeological site of the Atlantes of Tula spans from the year 900 to 1521 AD. This historic site is famous for its imposing statues of Atlanteans, which represent an important part of the ancient Mesoamerican civilization. It is a fascinating testament to the region's pre-Hispanic past and attracts visitors from around the world who wish to immerse themselves in the history and culture of Mexico.
* 13:00 - Enjoy our outdoor lunch at 1:00 pm, surrounded by the natural beauty of our surroundings.
* 14:30 - Sunset Mounted.
* 19:00 - We invite you to indulge in a gourmet dinner that will delight your senses and recharge your energies for tomorrow.

Day 6: Tuesday - Water Adventures
* 08:00 - Start each day energized with our nutritious breakfast.
* 10:00 - Special ride to the Waterfalls.
* 13:00 - We will prepare a unique gastronomic experience, taking the food to a natural and charming environment, where each bite will be infused with the freshness of the outdoors and the serene atmosphere of nature.
* 15:00 - Free time for more activities.
* 19:00 - Savor our homemade dinner, crafted with fresh ingredients and love.
* 20:00 - Let's get ready for the bonfire and say goodbye to this unforgettable experience. Let's collect firewood, light the fire and gather around to share stories, laughter and reflections on everything we have experienced together. May this bonfire be the perfect ending to an experience full of special moments and memories that we will treasure forever.

Day 7: Wednesday - Farewell Day
* 08:00 - we welcome you with a special breakfast to bid farewell with a good taste in your mouth.
* 10:00 - Last opportunity to enjoy the hotel facilities.
* 1:00 p.m. - Light lunch at the pool area.
* 15:00 - Check-out and farewell to the hotel staff.

This plan offers a combination of relaxation, adventure, culture and wellness, ensuring that guests have a complete and memorable experience during their stay at the all-inclusive hotel.


​Horseback Riding, Wellness, Excursions

​Airport Transportation 

Lodging & All Meals

Open Bar: Incl. national alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wine, beer, sodas, coffee & tea

Use of Ranch Amenities, Pool, Hot Tub and Yoga Studio

***During your week-long stay, you are entitled to three massages, each of which can be scheduled on different days during your free time in the afternoons, ensuring they do not interfere with your planned activities. This allows you to fully relax and rejuvenate at your convenience while enjoying all the experiences Rancho Las Cascadas has to offer.

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