We are all in this together!

Hola, to our Rancho family, friends, past clients, future clients and followers. In face of these difficult times, we hope you are staying safe and taking care of yourselves. Here at the ranch, our staff and of course our beautiful horses are all well, for the time being, but as you can imagine, the COVID-19 situation has put its stress on our survival and we need your help and support.

These trying times have affected many aspects of life for everyone, all around the world. As a small business in Mexico, we are fighting every day, for our survival, well-being and health of those employed at Rancho Las Cascadas and for our horses. The cost of keeping on our staff, who have families depending on them, and of feeding (with no rain since last year we do not even have areas for grazing) and caring for our horses, while suffering unparalleled losses at a time of year that normally would be our high season, has become a daily battle.

The Mexican Government, unlike that of the United States or those of Europe and other First World Countries, does not offer any benefits, loans, or financial assistance to those in need. We are treading water in a deep ocean and desperately need your beneficial action to keep our heads above water.

Many of you are making or thinking about amazing plans for when we come out of this crisis and a stunning holiday at Rancho Las Cascadas would fulfill those dreams. Whether you have been before and would love to relive those fantastic memories, or you have followed us and always wanted to make those dreams come true, now is the time. 

Every donation, however big or small, will help keep those dreams alive. It will be accepted most gratefully as payment toward a future booking and can be transferred to another person as a gift or in case of a change of circumstance.

If you would like to make a donation by another payment method please contact us.

Here at Rancho Las Cascadas, we appreciate your help and support and send our love, best wishes and big hugs to all of you and look forward to welcoming you at the rancho soon.

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