5 Days / 4 Nights Stay - Example

Sample Itinerary - Arrive any day/time you like

This is a popular center based progressive ride for the intermediate to expert rider. Unlike nose to tail riding, this is real, open-range guided riding including beautiful canters and gallops. Each day offers something new and gives you the opportunity to discover the real Mexico.

Day 1:

If you arrive on time you will have your first ride this afternoon.

Saddle up for your first half-day ride. This beautiful climb takes you up the hill - named 'Puesta del Sol' (Sunset) - with a 360º view of the beautiful countryside. At an easy pace you will explore the region close to the ranch.

Arrive at the ranch and have your first Tequila on horseback.

Late arrivals will be attended at any time. Mostly they will have the chance to go for an extra ride on their day of departure.

Day 2:

After a rich Mexican breakfast, overlooking our infinity pool and the breathtaking countryside, you will discover the surroundings from horseback...

Today’s ride takes you along a picturesque canyon to the village of ‘Xochitlan’. You will be amazed by the sure-footedness of your four-legged friend, as well as enjoying some easy canters between the corn fields.

‘Xochitlan de las Flores’ got its name from the many flowers that grow here due to the temperate climate. Experience the leisurely lifestyle, visit the old church and have a little rest and some refreshments.

Lunch in the shade of the 'Tree of Hearts'

This afternoons ride will take you on a stroll to the Antigua Hacienda (Ancient Estate) of ‘La Goleta’ which was built around 1690 by the Spaniards. The wrought iron in the windows was brought from Sweden, the tiles covering the front porch from Spain and you can still admire part of the original blue wall paintings. The old aqueduct continues to produce water for the many families living around the Hacienda.

On to 'La Presa' (Dam) of La Goleta, where the soft flat lake shore offers you a great opportunity to canter or gallop, before arriving at the ranch late afternoon.

Day 3:

Todays ride takes you to the waterfalls of 'El Fresno'. En enchanted place out of a story of the Lord of the Rings. Old oak trees full of Spanish moss. Roots growing between the rocks overflowed by the river.

Passing by the 'Antigua Hacienda' of Tandeje and on to the waterfalls of El Fresno . The climb on your horse takes you up to the little sanctuary of the 'Virgin de Guadalupe' from where you have a beautiful view into the canyon below.

Picnic at the waterfalls under its great ancient weeping willow trees.

On the way back you will see San Agustin Buenavistas 'Antiguo Lienzo Charro' (Charro Ring where often the villages festivities with horses take place). Enjoy your Margarita before dinner.

Day 4:

Another great ride is planned for today. It will make you feel you are riding through a Western Movie Set.

'Los Organos' a place forgotten in time. The trail, passing San Miguel de las Piedras leads into the canyon where wild ho

rses roam. You will visit the 'Peregrinos Petrificados' a natural rock formation, where it is said that “the Pilgrims turned into stone because they did not want to finish their pilgrimage.

The river, at the bottom of the canyon, will be the backdrop for todays picnic. Goats and sheep and often the regions wild horses graze nearby. Here the river is mixed with a volcanic warm spring, really enjoyable for a swim while your horses are resting.

Homeward bound, you climb up the canyon and pass through the village of Heroes de Carranza with its Ancient Church dating from 1697. You will arrive at the ranch late afternoon.

Day 5:

Ride in the morning (if departure is later) down to river – crossing – up the riverbank – cross fields ploughing with oxen or horses. Pass opposite the Rancho – back through rocky terrain.

If there is time enjoy one final lunch at hotel under the tree of heart before your departure back to the airport.

Hasta la Vista… See you soon at Rancho Las Cascadas - Your Dream Horse Riding Vacation!

Itinerary subject to change

Departure transportation times will be arranged at the Rancho.