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A Feast Of All The Senses In Tepotzotlan

Whether you’re taking a trip from the Rancho Las Cascadas or a break from Mexico City, Tepotzotlán is certainly a direction worth heading in. As you drive up towards Tepotzotlán, the first thing you can’t help but notice are the soaring jagged cliffs that surround the small town.

These huge cliffs form a majestic backdrop to the cobbled streets and bright colors of this historic center.

The huge cliffs of Tepotzotlán are said to have many magical properties and energies, which people visit the town specifically for.

Tepoztlán is one of those traditional Mexican towns that is a visual delight; you can’t help but absorb yourself in the brightly colored buildings, quirky artwork and local people; it’s a playground for budding photographers. As you begin to wander around, take the time to discover the small shops and the outdoor market. Here you will find all manner of traditional crafts and artwork that can’t fail to disappoint as gifts to take home. In the middle of the market next to the church gate you may notice a giant mural made out of nothing but dried seeds, that’s definitely worth a closer look.

The ice cream of Tepoztlán is quite a feature in itself as the exotic and varied fruits of Mexico find themselves packed into hundreds of delicious flavors. The hardest thing is deciding which one you’ll try!

With an ice cream in hand, take a little stroll around the corner to one of the small museums or the Catedral de Tepoztlán and marvel at the stone architecture against the huge rock backdrop.

Many cultural events take place in Tepo’s plaza.

The huge cliffs of Tepoztlán are said to have many magical properties and energies, which people visit the town specifically for. Who knows, you might even start feeling some good vibes from the mountain whilst you’re there, so if you wish to explore your spiritual side further you’ll find card readers, crystals and other new age treatments in little shops hidden along the streets.

For the more physically adventurous, the magic of the cliffs are definitely worth exploring, as at the very top the famous Tepozteco pyramid can be found. The pyramid is very reachable, it’s a 2.5 km (about 1.5 miles) hike up the hillside. But be prepared with a bottle of water and a sun hat as it will be quite a stretch in the midday heat.

After a hike up the hillside, you will have worked up an appetite and the traditional shops selling honey and delicious granolas on the way back down will be starting to grab your attention. Luckily charming restaurants are never hard to find here and the food will generally be good.

For a real Mexican food experience try the El Ciruelo restaurant situated on the edge of the market. Its outside terrace is filled with lush greenery and has

  • You can’t help but get absorbed by Tepo’s brightly colored buildings.

terrific views of the soaring cliffs as you eat. It is also your chance to try some very local cuisine. Ask for the Agua del Día (fruit water of the day) or if you prefer to try something stronger they have an excellent range of Mezcal, the pure agave version of tequila. If you fancy being adventurous try the huitlacoche, a Mexican delicacy of corn fungus or the escamoles, which are in fact ant eggs fried in butter with onions. But don’t eat too much as it’s worth saving some room for a desert or café de olla – a smooth, sweet and spicy coffee.

Feet well flexed, bags filled with goodies to take home, and a tummy filled with great taste experiences – it’s hard not to have had a feast of every sense with a visit to Tepoztlán.

Every Sunday, guests at Rancho Las Cascadas can visit Tepoztlán. The day trip offers plenty of time to walk through the festive market, tour the ancient monastery, and explore the city.



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