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See our Horses in Action with this E-Book*

Get inspired for your next horseback riding holiday with us or let us help you remember your last stay...

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Come, explore Mexico's remote and rugged heartland on horseback. Connect with your calm and responsive mount, and take a journey away from the ordinary among fresh air and wide open spaces.

Take in the simple Ranch experience — the willingness of a fit and capable horse beneath you, and the freedom of the Mexican Altiplano (Highlands). Here, you'll roam the land as the Mexican Charros do.

Inhale the marvelous scent of saddle leather mingled with our eternal spring essence of wild strawberries from the Huizache trees flowers and lemon grass wafting from trail's edge. At Rancho Las Cascadas you will revive spirt and satisfy your hunger for adventure and the great outdoors.

Our all inclusive horseback vacation features riding to your heart’s desire. For first-time beginners through to intermediate, advanced and expert riders. Each of our guest is partnered up with one of our beautiful, willing horses, hand-picked to suit the unique level and characteristics of the individual.

At this wonderful cross-over between a genuine guest ranch, luxury dude ranch, and boutique resort, you'll enjoy supportive and informative mentoring at all times, and a fun-filled focus on the natural bond between horses and humans.

Unlike many ranches that only allow walking rides, everyone is welcome to progress from walking to an easy jog, to extended loping (cantering), and for those whom are capable, galloping their horses.

During this Mexican Resort Guest Ranch Vacation you'll learn a lot about working with horses and riding. Our Open-Range Riding Experience is geared for beginner to expert horse riding adventures.

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