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Welcome to Rancho Las Cascadas, your All-Inclusive Boutique Ranch Resort in Central Mexico. Horseback Riding, Archeological Sites & Cultural Tours in the Mexican Highlands.

14 Night Itinerary… Click here to see the full description of the program

If you prefer a longer or shorter stay, just contact us and we will make it happen…

Day 1: Arrival Day

'Mi Casa es Su Casa' (my home is your home) is not only engraved at the Ranches’ entrance, it is also the way you will be welcomed upon arrival.

Take a stroll around the grounds to discover the beauty and hidden treasures and settle into your comfortable room or casita. Take a swim in the resort’s solar heated infinity pool or watch the sunset from the hot tub overlooking the waterfalls, all whilst sipping your complimentary Margarita before getting ready for dinner.

Meet your fellow guests for a cocktail in the lounge (open bar) before you enjoy a four-course gourmet dinner in our rustically elegant dining room.

Day 2: Tepotzotlan - Monastery and Market

Tepotzotlan has a rich history of the Jesuits in Mexico and is brought to life at this old monastery. On a Sunday, the arts and crafts market is vibrant and colorful and offers an opportunity to buy some great souvenirs.

The Museum del Vireinato, or Museum of the Viceroyalty of New Spain (Colonial) Period, is housed in a complex that was built by the Society of Jesus or Jesuits in the 1580s. Most of the complex is taken up by the Museo del Vireinato situated in what used to be the College of San Francisco Javier.

The Museo is considered to be one of the most impressive in the country due both to its collection and to the aesthetics of the building that houses it. The complex contains a number of interior courtyards, as well as a domestic chapel, library, dormitories, refectory, and kitchen. A wide arched passageway in the back of the complex leads to the extensive gardens area of more than 3 hectares, filled with gardens, sculptures and the original Salta de Agua fountain, which marked the end of the old Chapultepec aqueduct.

Day 3: Xochitlan de las Flores - Ex Hacienda San Antonio

Today's ride takes you along a stunning canyon to the village of 'Xochitlan'. Follow along the canyon, pass by giant rocks and ride down into parts of the canyon. Here you have time to marvel at your horses amazing sure-footedness. Now and then you will enjoy some easy canters between the corn fields.

'Xochitlan de las Flores' got its name from the many flowers who grow here thanks to the temperate climate the place offers. Experience their leisurely way of living, visit their beautiful old church and have a little rest and some refreshments.

On the way to San Antonio, you have a lunch stop in a local 'Fonda'. On the way back you cross some Mexican countryside as you know it from the movies. Then you follow the old Spanish plastered stone road towards 'El Bordo Viejo'. Pass by the race track where once a month there are some ‘illegal’ horse races. Back at the ranch we show you how to make your own Margarita. Salud!

Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site of Humanity, the town of San Miguel de Allende is our goal for today. Without a doubt one of the prettiest places in Mexico this will be a milestone during your visit.

A great trip for shoppers and a real treasure for architecture lovers... churches, small town squares, dreamlike alleys and many hidden patios (Mexican courtyards). You can find coffee shops, antiques, handcrafts, jewelry, paintings and many more things while you wander around the old town center. Enjoy the day as you wish exploring this magical city.

We will be spending the night over in San Miguel. This will ensure that you can dine and take full advantage of the nightlife San Miguel has to offer. Enjoy our special sunset surprise as we watch over the entire city!

Day 5: San Miguel de Allende – Cactus Gardens

Take in the special atmosphere of San Miguel during breakfast. Before heading back to the rancho you will visit the famous cactus garden which was sanctuaried as a peace zone by the Dalai Lama. Enjoy the many different species of native plants and animals and a beautiful view of San Miguel.

Day 6: Cerro de las Caballos - Ex Hacienda La Goleta

Start the ride today crossing the old stone bridge 'El Puente del Muite' (built in the late 17th century). The horses follow the beautiful green path along the river. Take some time to really enjoy the countryside, there is nothing better than experiencing it on horseback as they did in the olden times. Today you head towards the 'Cerro de los Caballos' the horses’ mountain. The green season (June – October) produces a colorful riot of wild flowers. The flat fields and quiet unpaved roads offer excellent gallops for confident riders, one of the great thrills on offer!

The panoramic views from the top of this mountain are stunning. The monument stands for the battle that took place here, where the Mexicans defended this territory using cavalry and dragoons, and won!

Lunch will be served in a little local Mexican restaurant in Deguedo. Back on the horses enjoy some nice canters this afternoon through this open sky country. Encounter ancient churches, lakes and rivers. At the end you take a beautiful stroll to the hacienda (estate) called ‘La Goleta’ which was built around 1690 by the Spaniards. The wrought iron in the windows was brought from Sweden, the tiles covering the front porch from Spain and you can still admire part of the original blue wall paintings. The old aqueduct continues to produce water for the many families living around the hacienda.

Back at the ranch enjoy a Sunset Cocktail in the hot tub or at the bar and have a lovely dinner with your fellow riders.

Day 7: Ex-Hacienda Tandeje, El Fresno & The Waterfalls

The morning ride takes you to the old hacienda of Tandeje and to the waterfalls of Fresno with its breath-taking old oak trees. The climb on your horse takes you up to the little sanctuary of the Virgin of Guadalupe - The Black Virgin of Mexico. Her celebration, held on the 12th of December, is a very large fiesta here in Mexico.

From here you have a beautiful view into the canyon below.

Our special Picnic lunch by the waterfalls will be awaiting you.

This afternoon you have some time to relax at the pool or go for another ride.

Day 8: Mexico City Anthropology Museum or San Angel Market

Considered one of the world's finest archaeological museums, the Museo National de Anthropology in Mexico City houses a vast collection of artifacts in 23 exhibition halls. Its most famous exhibit is the Aztec sun stone, a cosmological calendar.

Other major highlights include a replica of the Aztec ruler Montezuma’s feathered headdress (the original is in Vienna); a stela from Tula, near Mexico City; massive Olmec heads from Veracruz; and vivid reproductions of Maya murals in a reconstructed temple.

If you are in Mexico City then this is a must visit to see the depth of history and culture preserved here is said to be worthwhile experience.


San Ángel still retains its colonial architecture and charm, reminiscent of its esteemed history as the summer residence to many of Mexico’s aristocracy in the eighteen and early nineteen hundreds, as well as Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo’s residence-turned-museum.

Narrow cobblestone streets, tree-lined plazas, and sprawling haciendas still make up the center of San Angel, only now the plazas contain the Saturday art show and bazaar, and the haciendas play host to craft markets, restaurants and coffee shops.

At the heart of a beautiful old neighborhood that was once reserved for Mexico City's aristocratic upper crust, lies pretty Plaza Jacinto, surrounded by shady trees, cobbled streets, and lovely old mansions. It's a fine place to explore any time, but on Saturday, the town center erupts into the Bazar del Sábado, or Saturday Bazaar.

Day 9: Lake District & Local Sunday Market in Daxthi

After a tasty breakfast overlooking the pool and surrounding countryside, you start your ride crossing the Rio Rosas and passing through the quaint little village of 'Los Colorados'. Heading along country lanes you ride through the community of 'Heroes de Carranza' before you enter the Lake District, which offers incredible views and great varied terrain for some delightful and diverse riding.

At the small town of 'San Juan Daxthi', where the market takes place, enjoy a local Mexican lunch, before taking a stroll through the vibrant market.

In the afternoon, your ride leads you across a large variety of open fields which invite for many canters and the occasional gallop, if you like. Here they practice mixed farming and there are many small villages with local shops, schools, health care centers etc. all interlinked by small roads and a myriad of trails. Local cowboys 'Charros' and farmers use these same trails to tend to their farm plots and small herds. Back at the ranch enjoy a shower, a swim, pre-dinner drinks and a chance to catch up with your email.

Day 10: Tula – The Atlantes plus Western & Tack Shops

Start the first day at the Rancho with an excellent breakfast on the terrace overlooking the pool and the countryside beyond it.

A short drive takes you then to the archaeological site of the Atlantes of Tula. On top of one of the pyramids you will find the great Atlantes, four huge and impressive warrior statues of black basalt. Followed by a visit to the town center of Tula and some shops around it. Enjoy the vibrant colors and life of the main square before heading back to the resort.

Take the afternoon to relax by the pool, go on a hike or enjoy an optional ride on one of our beautiful horses through this epic and diverse countryside.

Day 11: San Francisco Soyaniquilpan - Lienzo Charro

South of the ranch is a completely different region. You and your horse then descend towards our district town of San Francisco Soyaniquilpan de Juarez. Here the Rio Rosas, our river, starts its journey through the valley from underneath a big tree ‘El Arbol de la Virgen’ blessed by a statue of the Virgin Guadalupe which was put inside the trunk of the tree.

Today’s lunch will be taken at a colorful Mexican Fonda ‘La Mesita Campestre’ tasting true local cuisine. On the way back we might be lucky and observe the local Charros by their training for their next Fiesta. Peales - they try to catch the legs of a galloping by horse. Salto de la muerte - they try in full gallop to pass from one horses back to the next one... Passing through our village of San Agustin Buenavista with its church finished by 1701 we get back to the ranch.

Why not relax in the Jacuzzi enjoying your favorite drink listening to Mexican music in the background as dinner is prepared for you. Or early dinner at Rancho Las Cascadas allowing time to enjoy a ‘full’ moon ride if the time of the month is right!

Day 12: Teotihuacan

Today you visit the famous pyramids of the Sun and the Moon in Teotihuacan… ‘the place where gods were born’. This reflects the Aztecs’ belief that the gods created the universe here.

This archaeological site will prove to be a fascinating and worthwhile experience! Many people today believe that Teotihuacán is a place of great energy, and it is quite common to witness people meditating at the top of the main pyramids.

Before an enjoyable lunch close by the site we will take a stop at a silver shop where you also will learn about a special drink known as Pulque (distilled agave liquor) made in honor of the god of fertility.

Another relaxing sunset at the Rancho followed by cocktails and dinner.

Day 13: San Miguel de las Piedras - Los Organos - Peregrinos Petrificados

Back into the more rugged landscape, you might think you were returning to a western movie set. Trails cross old overgrown train rails hidden between cacti. You ride to 'Los Organos' a place forgotten in time. The trail leads you by San Miguel de las Piedras down into the canyon along rivers, where wild horses roam. You visit the 'Peregrinos Petrificados' a big rock formation in the middle of nowhere, where it is said that “the Pilgrims turned into stone because they did not want to finish their pilgrimage”.

The picnic is taken by the river. Goats and sheep graze nearby. Here the river is mixed with a volcanic warm spring so it is quite nice for a swim while the horses are resting.

Homeward bound you climb up the canyon and pass through the village of Carranza with its church dating from 1697. On to the Presa of La Goleta, where the soft flat lake shore invites you for a final opportunity of a nice canter or even a gallop arriving at the ranch late afternoon.

Day 14: Jilotepec Local Market Tour

Today is Market day and you will have the chance to get immersed in the feelings, colors, vibes and savor of this incredible place.

Mind-boggling arrays of chilies, an almost astonishing variety of Nopales (cactus paddles), aromatic herbs, spices, scrumptious Oaxaca cheese and so much more.

Markets aren’t just for shopping, eating and drinking, but as a microcosm of society and therefore offer a fantastic insight into the culture and everyday life of the folks around here.

Back at the Rancho enjoy the infinity pool, go on a hike or take another ride on one of our horses.

Day 15: Hasta La Vista

After a nice breakfast and some R&R you may be leaving today and we wish you the best, hoping that you will have safe travels home.

How to get here?

Flights are available to Queretaro (QRO) airport from major U.S. cities or to Mexico City (MEX) airport from all over the world. Transfers from both airports are around 75 minutes. The resort charges USD 45 per person per way.


Daily Activities


Horseback Riding – according to the program (you may switch any excursion for a ride if you prefer) - Cultural Tours according to the program - Solar heated Infinity Pool - Hot Tub Jacuzzi - Billiard Table & Darts - Wellness Classes - Hiking - Mountain Biking


Spa Treatments

Wine & Dine at the Boutique Resort:

Breakfast: Every morning the breakfast buffet is awaiting you on our terrace overlooking the infinity pool and the surrounding countryside

Lunch: An ever-changing variety of locations and presentations

Afternoon Tea: Fresh homemade baked goods, coffee and tea are waiting for you in our coffee corner

Dinner: A four course meal served in our enjoy a four-course gourmet dinner in our rustically elegant dining room

National Drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic): At the resort all beverages are included


Horseback Riding

Tour by Car or Minibus

Overnight in our San Miguel Hotel



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