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Excursion - Villa de Carbon

If you enjoy the intoxicating experience of shopping for artisan (and reasonably priced!) leather goods, amidst a beautiful and historic cultural setting, then we recommend an excursion to the gorgeous Villa Del Carbon.

This wonderful town, adorned with charming Spanish-style buildings and quaint cobbled streets, is famed throughout Mexico as the national home of the charreada (Mexican rodeo), and is one of the few remaining locations where you can buy authentic, locally produced ‘botines’ – ankle length riding boots worn in the charreada. Completely practical for Western or English riding, but with added Mexican flair, why not treat yourself to a pair for ‘back home’ and enjoy a unique reminder of your holiday?

Aside from boots, the town is famed for fabulous leather craftmanship across a massive range of products such as hats, jackets, bags, wallets, belts, gloves, and horse tack, in a stunning array of leathers, from high quality cow hide to exotic ostrich, snake, stingray and crocodile. You will also find hand-beaded jewellery, cowboy shirts and locally made knitwear, from ponchos to scarves and wraps, from the subtlest of hues to the most classically vibrant Mexican colour palettes.

When all that shopping has tired you out, take advantage of the town’s relaxed café-culture by pausing for a delicious lunch, and a spot of people watching from the picturesque main square, adorned with a full-size taxidermy charging bull!

Only a short drive from the Rancho, this excursion can be squeezed into a half day for those who like to shop ‘military operation’ style or elongated into a full day for those yearning for a leisurely browse, punctuated by cocktail breaks, sealed with an indulgent meal.

Whatever your preference, why not contact us today so we can craft your perfect shopping experience together?



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