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COWGIRLS a 7-Night Package


Arrival Day

  • Pick Up at the place and time you booked with your reservation

  • Meet and greet the other riders

  • Settle into your beautiful room furnished with fine examples of Mexican artisanal craftsmanship.

  • Welcome Dinner family style

  • Enjoy a drink (remember it is all inclusive) and play a game of pool or darts

Day 2

  • Nourish yourself with an array of freshly cooked breakfast options.

  • Meet our stunning Criollo, Azteca and Quarter-horse herd and receive an informative induction into the Mexican riding style.

  • Ease into your holiday with a confidence-giving introductory ride across our rolling hillsides.

  • Enjoy a fantastic home-cooked lunch, served under the gentle shade of our Oak, before unwinding with a book on our stepped terrace overlooking our very own waterfall!

  • Decide to stay and relax or join us for your afternoon ride

  • Relish a multi-course dinner and swap stories with fellow guests.

Day 3

  • Following a refreshing night’s sleep, and an energizing breakfast, you’ll be ready for a longer morning ride.

  • Saddle up for a journey to our idyllic local cascades, where you can tie up your horse, and hike down to the waterfall’s base.

  • After lunch, let’s ride to our local lakes, home to a variety of bird species, returning through a local village where you can admire the faded grandeur of 'Haciendas' from bygone eras.

  • For ultimate post-ride relaxation, soak in our fabulous out-door jacuzzi and gaze across our unspoiled landscape.

  • Enjoy an entirely new dinner menu before floating into a blissful slumber in your luxuriously comfortable bed.

Wednesday / Day 4

  • Fuel up well at breakfast, because today we embark on a full day’s ride, a fascinating natural rock formation of intriguing religious significance.

  • We’ll stop en route for snacks, drinks, and lunch – supporting our local communities and giving you a real taste of rural Mexico.

  • On your return to the Rancho, why not pamper yourself with a massage or spa treatment*** or celebrate your first full-day adventure with a triumphant Pina Colada!

  • Connect with new-found friends over a sumptuous dinner and round off the evening’s entertainment with a game of pool or darts.

Thursday / Day 5

  • For a wholesome and healthy start to the day, join us in our purpose-built studio for an early-morning Yoga session before breakfast***

  • If you’re ready to unleash your inner cowboy/girl, then let’s push the pace with a thrilling gallop across the highlands!

  • Or mix things up with one of our expertly selected ½ day excursions ***

  • After lunch, take a refreshing swim in our infinity pool before joining our afternoon ride. With over 30 routes to choose from, let us know what you’d like to explore!

  • If you’re feeling inspired after another delicious dinner, then why not book a cookery class with us and learn some authentic Mexican recipes?**

Friday / Day 6

  • Enjoy a hearty breakfast in preparation for today’s all-day ride.

  • With scenery straight from a Wild West movie, trail is a truly breath-taking experience. After lunch at a local 'Fonda' canter through remote winding canyons lined with towering cacti, home only to wild horses, soaring eagles and the mysterious stones that give this ride its name.

  • Thank your steed for a hard day’s work with a soothing grooming session.

  • Join another fabulous 4-course dinner, a fusion of Mexican and international cuisine .

Saturday / Day 7

  • After a rich Mexican breakfast, overlooking our infinity pool and the breathtaking countryside, you will discover the surroundings from horseback...

  • Today’s ride takes you along a picturesque canyon to a local village. You will be amazed by the sure-footedness of your four-legged friend, as well as enjoying some easy canters between the corn fields.

  • Back to the Rancho for lunch served under the 'Tree of Hearts'

  • You choose what you would like to do... Our ride in the afternoon will take you on a stroll to another Antigua Hacienda (Ancient Country Estate) which was built around 1690 by the Spaniards. Or maybe just relax in our jacuzzi, hike to the waterfall or read a book!

  • Savor every moment of your last evening with some after-dinner dancing – enlivened by our stereo-system and a few tequilas from our open bar!

Departure Day

  • Pack your bags after a last delicious breakfast

  • Transportation to your airport at booked time

  • Hasta la Vista - looking forward to see you again very soon!


* We reserve the right to change itinerary and ride lengths at any time based on weather, availability and rider experience

** Whilst we try to accommodate preferences, we cannot guarantee the availability of any particular horse at a given time.

*** Book your excursion in advance with our GEM

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