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Angels & Ancestors - Spiritual Retreat

Join Linsey and Luisa for an amazing 5 nights and 6 days from November 6th to 11th 2022 at Rancho Las Cascadas.

This retreat is a wonderful program to attend solo, with your BFF, family member, or as a couple. All activities are optional; do as much or as little with the group as you would like.

Your Hosts Louisa is a 4th generation gifted psychic medium, not only are her clientele made up of celebrities, she has created her own spiritual lifestyle packages. Louisa helps and guides people through business, relationship, and working towards their manifestations, creating the lifestyle and the mindset, which in return produces miracles. Having been gifted since being a child, experiencing dreams and being surrounded by her mother and grandmother, who also were spiritually gifted, she was always around the energies of the spirit world and the masters of the elements.

Linsey is a spiritual guide and earth angel who specializes in many spiritual techniques that heal the body and soul. She practices shamanic ways of healing, meditation, sound healing, reiki, past live regression, and numerology. Her spiritual journey started by her exploring the afterlife through the consciousness of loved ones that have passed away. Through that journey, she learned to connect and evolve with her guides, ancestors, and angels on a path of self love and discovery. She enjoys teaching her clientele to connect to their own soul discovery, unconditional love and self acceptance.

Your Retreat Destination

Journey with us to an Eden is where springtime temperatures last the entire year, a place of endless cacti and lush landscapes; the silence is only broken by the sounds of songbirds and waterfalls and horses are a way of life.

This is Rancho Las Cascadas. The resort is located 1 hour and 20 minutes from Mexico City. 20 minutes from the resort is the ancient site of Tula, the ancient home of the spiritual toltec civilization dating to 800 AD.

This picturesque environment is the ideal backdrop to hone in at achieving the cornerstones of our retreat; refresh, replenish, renew and recharge. You will enjoy an all-inclusive stay during your retreat with amenities such as pool, jacuzzi with a waterfall view, and comfortable guest rooms with local Mexican decor.

Partake in the included activities of the retreat and connect with your unique spiritual path through inspirational sessions with Louisa and Linsey, enjoying yoga, meditation, hiking to waterfalls, mountain biking, bonfires, a visit to ancient Tula and a sound healing ceremony.
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